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  • Do I need to schedule an appointment to see your gowns?
    Yes, we are by appointment. Book your appointment via our Style Sessions page.
  • How long do Style Sessions go for?
    Your private appointment goes for approximately 45 mins. This gives you plenty of time to browse our gowns and re-try your favourite at the end.
  • How should I prepare for my Style Session?
    We suggest browsing our website first and choosing a few gowns that you'd love to try on at your Style Session. Being open to different styles and silhouettes is super helpful as you may even surprise yourself! It's best to wear comfortable nude underwear or shapewear, try to avoid black so it doesn't distract from the gowns. Please don't come with body bronzer, recently applied fake tan or heavy face make up. We want our gowns to stay clean for future brides to try on.
  • Can I bring a large group to my Style Session?
    We are a small studio so we unfortunately can't take large groups. When you book a Style Session you are welcome to bring up to 3 guests with you. Our Sip & See Style Sessions are designed for larger groups and are perfect for bridal parties. You can bring up to 5 guests to a Sip & See.
  • Can I take photos at my Style Session?
    We know taking photos can be super helpful when choosing between gowns, however bad photos can impact your search. We want you to feel amazing in your gown and if someone snaps an unflattering shot, it could be enough for you to change your mind. At the end of your appointment, we will go back into your favourite gown and take some awesome pictures for you. We know the best places to take them from too!
  • How much are your gowns?
    Our gowns range from $3,000 up to $6,500. Majority of our gowns fall between the $3,500 to $4,500 range. Please be aware there may be additional charges for customisations and rush services. If you have specific questions regarding pricing, please feel free to email
  • What sizes are your gowns available to be ordered in?
    Our gowns can be ordered in sizes AU 4 - 20. It's important to remember that you're not purchasing our store sample. You will have the gown ordered in your closest size and after alterations, it will fit you perfectly!
  • What sizes are your store samples?
    Most of our store sample gowns range in size between AU 10 - 16. No bride will fit into our samples perfectly as they have been tried on numerous times and have most likely stretched so they're no longer the size they were when they arrived as a fresh sample. Our samples can be pegged or have a few buttons/zip left undone so you will still get a great idea of how they will look on you. However, it's important to remember that you're not purchasing our store sample. You will have the gown ordered in your closest size and after alterations it will fit you perfectly!
  • Do you have ex-sample gowns available to purchase?
    Yes! We have a small selection of samples available to purchase off the rack. This is a great option if you are on a tight time frame or budget. It is also a wonderful sustainable option. Browse our Sample Room for available gowns.
  • When should I order my wedding gown?
    We suggest ordering your gown 9-12 months before your wedding date. All our gowns are made to order so once you have made your decision, it usually takes 6-8 months for your gown to arrive. Your should also factor an additional 2 months on top of this time for alterations and accessorising. If your wedding is between 3-9 months away there are rush options available but extra charges may apply. If your wedding is less than 3 months away, your options will be more limited but the good news is we always have a selection of gowns available to purchase off the rack from our Sample Room.
  • I've found my gown, how much is a deposit?
    We require a 50% deposit to secure your order, plus the cost of any additional customisations, rush charges etc. This can be paid at the conclusion of your Style Session via bank transfer or credit card (surcharges may apply, cash is not accepted). The final balance is due 30 days later. However we are very happy to discuss payment options with you in person so you can still secure your dream gown!
  • How much are rush charges?
    Rush charges vary depending on the designer and how quickly you need your gown. If you require a more accurate price, please feel free to email
  • Will I need alterations?
    Yes! Everyone needs gown alterations to ensure a perfect fit for their wedding day. We will order your gown as close to your current size as possible and if you fall in between sizes we will go with the larger size as it's easier for the seamstress to alter. We'll provide you with a reputable alteration service in the area so you can schedule an appointment with them. Seamstress will usually want to see you around 6-8 weeks before your wedding, however we recommend booking in with them prior as they can book out quickly during the wedding season.
  • How much are alterations?
    Alteration costs will vary depending on what work is required to achieve a perfect fit. Some brides will want more structure added into their gown which increases the price. Whereas majority of brides will require minor adjustments such as the straps shortened and the hem taken up. We suggest budgeting around $350 - $500 but it could cost more or less. You can always ask for a free quote as well before deciding which seamstress you want to use.
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