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Hi! Our names are Amelia & Martine and we are the co-founders of Moonstruck Bride!


Our story starts back in 2017 when we caught up for a vino and exchanged our own gown journeys. We felt there was a lack of individuality and wished there was a genuine shopping experience that was relaxed, warm and fun. So we made it happen!


We've been helping brides find their wedding gowns since 2018, and we love what we do! It's important to us that our brides feel super excited to put on their wedding gown and get married in whichever way they please. We have handpicked our talented designers from all over the world and their teams pour love and devotion into creating special gowns for each of our brides.


We are here for you, from your very first style session, right up to your wedding day.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Amelia & Martine   xx

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